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Biological, automatic air purifier

Biologischer, automatische Luftreiniger
The air is getting worse, especially in big cities, there is always thicker smog from Co2 emissions. In addition, there is the emission of pollutants, which takes place in the inner spaces. Through furniture (adhesives / paint), wall paint, decoration and toys, the air in the interior is additionally burdened with emissions.
This new, patented invention helps to reduce the indoor air of pollutants and ensures optimal, clean air in the habitats.
In order to use the plants optimally for the conversion of pollutants, special plant and flower pots were developed for this purpose. These take up the pollutants via the roots and thus have a 10-fold better pollutant reduction compared to conventional plants.
These special flower pots and the process have been patent pending. This pending patent and development are for sale. It is also possible to get a corresponding report for it.
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