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Process engineering, chemistry / pharmacy equipment

Verfahrenstechnik, Chemie / Pharmazie Apparate / Sportprodukte
ince 1968, apparatus and plants for liquid and thermal process technology have been manufactured. Reactors and heating / cooling systems for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
The infrastructure of the company building on its own land, is completely furnished for the production of apparatus technology. All products are proprietary developments with extensive know-how, and the product portfolio is particularly interesting for investors. There is a newly developed method of marketing to produce disinfectants in mass production. This biocide is subject to approval by the Federal Office of Public Health, Berne / Switzerland. The particularity of the active substance is its exceptional compatibility for humans and nature. Thus, the product is classified as non-toxic but still extremely effective against bacteria and fungi. Further application possibilities have emerged in tests.
Both products are registered and approved by the Federal Office of Health in Bern.
The recipe is identical, and there is the possibility to create further products for other application areas.

Further fields of application are approved by the FOPH, but no product names have been created:
1. Disinfectants for medical equipment and floors
2. Biocidal product for human living or industrial areas
3. Biocidal product for use and swimming pools
4. Biocidal product for hygiene in air conditioning systems
5. Biocidal product for hygiene in the veterinary field
6. Disinfectants for the food and feed sector
7. Drinking water disinfectant

The sales potential lies in the 2-digit million range with exceptional returns.

For the recreation area (winter sports and summer sports), 2 highly interesting products have recently been developed. The winter sports product is now exclusively distributed by an international sports equipment company in the sporting goods market. Another product (summer product) is under construction.
A worldwide sales organization is also being sought for this.
50% of the company's shares are sold, the succession being regulated. But investors are also very interesting. There is a purchase option for the remaining 50%.

Information for a branch office in Switzerland:
With an investment in a Swiss company, a residence permit (B) is also available for non-EU citizens.

Industry & Production
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