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Business for sale: Textil
Business for sale: Production of medical- and biotechnology-instruments
Bild: Produktion von Medizintechnik- und Biotechnologie- Instrument
Business participation: Fireplate manufactoring
Bild: Herstellung Brandschutzplatten
Business for sale: Assembly of standardized prefabricated part
Business for sale: Sport and Tennis
Franchise / License: High -Tech Alarm System
Commercial object: Industrial land of lamao townsale
Bild: 广州南沙180亩工业厂房
Business for sale: Coal-to-methanol and supporting coal mine projectssale
Business participation: Finacial leasing company
Capital / Financing: Cmpany
Bild: 首都机场1号航站楼附近商业物业整体出售项目
Business participation: Online Business
Business participation: Biological crop protection
Bild: Biologischer Pflanzenschutz
Capital / Financing: Encapsulation of nutritional supplements
Business for sale: Software IT company
Business for sale: Orthopedie helpers
Business cooperation: Biobinder for the constraction industry
Bild: Biobindemittel für die Baustoffindustrie
Invention / Innovation: Environmentally sound sewage sludge management
Bild: Umweltgerechtes Klärschlammmanagement
Business cooperation: Renewable energy
Business succession: Environmental technology
Capital / Financing: Energyball
Franchise / License: Online Shop
Joint Venture: Organic detergents
Invention / Innovation: Patented Rotary Channel Pump
Bild: Patentierte Drehkanalpumpe
Business participation: Luxury wooden house construction
Business for sale: Supermarkets and shopping mall
Commercial object: Five-star hotel
Commercial object: Factory office building & land
Commercial object: Sold/rent Paint factory building
Commercial object: Paint factory building
Business participation: Innovative storage technology
Business cooperation: Oil breakdown concept
Invention / Innovation: Bonding technique for building materials
Business concept: Worldwide license partner for Lifestyle products
Business for sale: Bike & Vespa Rental
Business for sale: Trade of e-cigarettes and e-liquids
Capital / Financing: Engineering company
Commercial object: Solar Park
Business succession: Holiday Rentals Caribbean
Business participation: Medical Devices
Business for sale: Medical device manufacturer
Franchise / License: Real Estate Brokerage
Invention / Innovation: Comfort travel pad
Bild: Komfort Reiseauflage
Invention / Innovation: Biological, automatic air purifier
Bild: Biologischer, automatische Luftreiniger
Business for sale: Taxi company
Business for sale: Transport
Business for sale: Art gallery
Business succession: Beverage specialty store
Business participation: Retail
Business participation: Destination Management Services
Business participation: Microdot Techology
Capital / Financing: Seed-Funding for ambiguous software Start-Up
Business concept: Plastic injection
Business for sale: Baby Design Clothing
Business succession: Bookkeeping Office
Business for sale: Certified waste management company
Business for sale: Real Estate Holiday Rentals
Business for sale: Onlineshop
Business for sale: On-line shop
Business for sale: Leads for Insurance companies
Business participation: Tea production
Business for sale: Trading company for truck, bus trailer spare parts
Business participation: Metalworking - timber construction - production
Capital / Financing: Band-management
Business for sale: Building contractors
Capital / Financing: Vending
Shell company: Consultancy and Aid
Shell company: Consultancy and Advise
Business participation: Mechanical engineering
Business succession: Classic car restoring workshop
Business for sale: Road transport
Business succession: Finca Hotel
Business for sale: Escape Room
Business for sale: Plastic Injection Molding
Business cooperation: Warehousing, Production, Trading
Business for sale: Stainless steel
Capital / Financing: Marektingmanagement Event
Business participation: Inkasso
Business succession: Foil printing, advertising technology and textile finishing
Business concept: Surf Brand and Fashion Label
Business participation: Tapas Bar

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