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Business participation: Online Business
Franchise / License: Scooter
Corporate Finance / Capital: Hotel purchase
Business participation: Food
Business for sale: Retail/Brand Fashion
Business for sale: IT Repair Service
Business succession: Transport Company
Business for sale: Movers
Corporate Finance / Capital: Mechanical engineering for semiconductor technology
Business participation: Cannabis
Business for sale: Café
Business for sale: Bus tour operator
Business participation: Burnout Centre
Business succession: Locksmith and Metal Construction
Business concept: Surf Brand and Fashion Label
Business for sale: Disposal specialist/container service
Franchise / License: Publisher
Business succession: Metal processing and mechanical engineering
Business participation: Finacial leasing company
Business succession: Spray moulding plastic Multi cutting box
Business for sale: Tooling and Machine Trading Company
Business for sale: Bakery
Business for sale: Women's gym
Business for sale: Consulting
Business succession: Outpatient care service
Business participation: Saugroboter
Business for sale: Printing shop (digital printing)/advertising technology/copyshop
Business succession: Retail plus workshop & school
Business for sale: IT system house
Business for sale: Sand blasting/switchboard/cleaning plant construction/Servic
Business for sale: Retail hardware store
Business participation: Delivery service of a special kind
Business participation: Western Store
Business concept: Online Marketing and Content Production
Business participation: Inn with hall and rooms
Business succession: Bicycles
Business for sale: Ceramic Production
Business participation: Production of trend drinks/shots
Business succession: Lubrication systems, electronics, cable and battery confection
Business participation: Delivery portal
Business participation: Tea production
Business participation: Online Shop
Business for sale: Security company
Business for sale: Organic children's fashion online shop
Business for sale: Bus
Business participation: Delivery
Business for sale: Apartment
Business participation: Agricultural machinery master workshop
Business for sale: Restaurant
Business for sale: Refaid agency
Corporate Finance / Capital: Trade in art prints
Business succession: Plastics technology/adhesives/painting and similar
Business participation: Digital Development Agency
Business for sale: Single Portal
Business succession: Fitness
Business succession: Boutique
Business succession: Scooter
Business for sale: Property management
Business for sale: Children's clothing
Business succession: Metal Working Company
Business for sale: Bakery
Business for sale: Laundry and textile cleaning
Business succession: Cafe restaurant
Joint Venture: Organic detergents
Business for sale: Printing
Business for sale: Beach basket rental
Business succession: Mechanical engineering
Business participation: Online Business
Business participation: Tooling
Business succession: Property management
Business for sale: Substate help school
Business succession: Street food, food trucks, event catering, mobile catering
Business succession: Water damage remediation, construction drying
Liquidation: Barber
Business for sale: Electrical engineering for switchboard construction
Business for sale: Restaurant, Cafe, Ice Cafe
Business participation: Housing
Business participation: Food sales
Business for sale: Online shop for car tuning parts
Corporate Finance / Capital: Student transport

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