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2005-06 Biz-Trade
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ID: 19344

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MotiveOffer Business sales
Region29 /  Flag Spain


opportunity to buy fully working company with integrated staff.  
the fully working company all year long is a perfect opportunity to live in southern Spain, work in a pleasant atmosphere in the growing market. The team members have mostly academic background and are international (Germany, Netherlands, Spain). enterprise language is english / german / spanish. 
best opportunity to work in the company or just leave to work it for you.  
The owner offers 4 weeks of introducing into the workflow free of charge. after introducing, the owner is for next 4 weeks as stand by manager to check if all is understood and the new owner is ready to work.  
with this business you will got your Live Basement in southern Spain. Ready to earn, live, enjoy. No risk as business run 10 yrs. Grow is guaranteed next years.
Entryin own name
Legal formGmbh (S.L.)
Staffto 10 coworkers
Turnover class250 thousand to 1 Mio. Euro
Year of establishment2007
Landed property / real estatesNo
Investment volume €(EUR)450.000

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