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Worldwide license partner for Lifestyle products

Weltweite Lizenzpartner für Lifestyleprodukte
For our unique lifestyle products for health and well-being we are looking for different areas of Europe, Asia and Ama's licensing partners. Information about the product: A brand new lifestyle beverage brings a sensation and enthusiasm around the globe: the power drink. The alcohol-free soft drink simply tastes insanely tasty. But the trick is: It is also extremely healthy. Developed by renowned German doctors and food chemists, the power drink contains a number of valuable ingredients and ingredients that seem to be incredibly refreshing and invigorating immediately after enjoyment. With the slogan "More Power for Gentlemen" the manufacturers aim specifically at men from 18 years of age. Because the power drink makes you fit, strong and masculine. But also a number of women are already enthusiastic about the incomparably good taste and the extremely vitalising effect of the new lifestyle product. What is behind the power effect? It all began in May : A team of six respected German doctors investigated innovative methods to promote men's health – on a purely biological basis. During the three-year test and analysis phase, the developers used high-quality active ingredients from Chinese and Indian medicine, which proved to have a very positive impact on men's well-being and performance. The power drink contains among other things the following plant species: -Damiana: Famous for its unique effect as a natural aphrodisiac. -Maca: Increases the physical and psychic performance and is also regarded as a purely herbal potency-enhancing agent. -Guarana: stimulates the cardiovascular system. With the support of highly qualified food chemists, the valuable extract finally created the extremely tasty and health-promoting power drink. Top quality – Made in Germany. Secure your country's license distribution for this power drink and other products, such as the pre-power booster, the men's health powder, or the mixed drink with vodka. What we expect from our license partner: 1. Know-how in the beverage industry and in the beverage trade 2. Contacts from the industry 3. Own distribution network 4. Capital for purchasing and marketing 5. Desire for new We are looking forward to your interest.

Health & Medicine
to 10 employees
5 to 10 Mio. Euro

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