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2005-06 Biz-Trade
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ID: 19646

Industry-Production -> Offer Buy or Sell a Business for sale

MotiveOffer Business sales
Region37 /  Flag Germany

Biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceutical technology

Medizintechnik, biotechnologie, Pharma
We are looking for a buyer for our company for age reasons.  
Our products: Laboratory pumps (also called hose pumps or peristaltic pumps), laboratory biotractors (stirring, fixed bed and airlift fermentors up to 20 l, fluidized bed bioreactor (patent) and accessories for use in pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology fields, and one 7 liter high-pressure media autoclave with integrated mixing and filling system for laboratory. Our latest product is a 12-compartment cell culture fermenter which is on the market since 2014. The fermenter can be used in parallel cultivation of human, animal and adherent cells and is suitable for the use in medical and pharmaceutical teaching and research. In 2017 we was involved in an EU project, a cooperation of companies in Italy, Finland and a German university. The practical part of project was completed in 2017. The final completion of the project will be to end of 2018. An application for a new project from 2018 to 2021 is running. It is a cooperation between a university in Germany, Finnish and German companies. The project has very good prospects to be approved and The project has very good prospects to be promoted with 55% of the totaly costs.
Entryin own name
Legal forme.K.
Staffto 10 coworkers
Turnover class250 thousand to 1 Mio. Euro
Year of establishment2004
Landed property / real estatesNo
Investment volume €(EUR)350.000

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