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Electrically fired plasma capsules for concrete demolition. Finished product. 2 years of research and development. Exclusively for CH, D, A with 40% participation of the inventor and manufacturer and 40% holding management. 20% investor for 150000.
100% Environmentally friendly, without vibration, hardly any acoustic stress, Reliable and safe, without disturbing the normal working sequence of the construction site. Number 1 Worldwide without ammonium nitrate, nitrocellulose or nitroglycerin. Technical know-how + safety + sensible solutions, whether indoor, outdoor or under water, save up to 80% demolition costs and time. Our world-wide new system creates what can not create sharp-nose and bite-tongs. We work with controlled pressure. The product has CE and CH approvals and the team has 25 years of experience in the industry (managing director, 2 demolition foreman, 1 sales manager, 3 construction supervisor). Large demand of demolition, dismantling, road, tunnel, mountain, water, railway and civil engineering enterprises.

Real estate & Construction
45 /  Flag Switzerland
in own name
to 10 employees
1 to 5 Mio. Euro
Januar 2017