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2005-06 Biz-Trade
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Der Eintrag Production of parts for the tuning brange

"The tuning industry implements around € 3 billion a year in Germany. We have been manufacturing parts for this industry for more than 10 years. Starting from strut braces, seat consoles, visors and much more. About two years ago, we closed our plant, because we had to look for new halls and also have to invest accordingly in new machines. Since we worked with a small workforce, it was not a problem to change all employees. I offer here are the technical drawings for all parts produced by us, partial geo-files for a Trumatic laser punch and a lot more. The margins are consistently good and the offer I have designed so that it is fair. The total price is 25,000 Half of this is due at the beginning and the other half is due 12 months after the start of production on the condition that at least EUR 250,000 has been implemented. If the claim for the second part does not expire. So you see I am very confident that they will succeed...."

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