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2005-06 Biz-Trade
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ID: 20096

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Region64 /  Flag Switzerland


Markenproduktion und Handel international
The company has an extraordinary growth potential in the international music industry. 
Through the production license for EUR 39,000, the new owner acquires all the necessary tools, rights, customer addresses and machines necessary for production. Short training and the possibility to register your own brand, webshop and Facebook account. Smart production with high profit margin. It is produced "in house" with the latest technology and distributed worldwide. 
At present, 16 excellent brand products are produced digitally. There is the possibility to create another 40 products. The time required is very low and can be operated alongside the office. 
There are only a handful of competitors, of which our products stand out clearly and work very well, some customers confirm the outstanding quality and characteristics. 
In addition to an entrepreneurial mindset, the buyer should also bring with him a salesman's talent. The know-how transfer takes place through a short training. This makes the production guaranteed for every technically untalented. General PC knowledge is required. The system is designed and programmed in such a way that everyone can produce immediately after the training. We will be pleased to provide further information.
Entryin own name
Turnover classto 250 thousand Euro
Investment volume €(EUR)39.000

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