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2005-06 Biz-Trade
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Region76 /  Flag Germany

Escape Room

Escape Room
Escape rooms is a new entertainment trend, which is currently booming in Germany. 
An international team of professionals has developed the concept and presence of our company in this new and heavily developing market with a view to occupying the leading position from the very beginning.  
The company was founded in 2015 and has one of its subsidiaries in Karlsruhe - a renowned student citiy and agglomeration in Baden-Württemberg.  
The total area of 240 qm houses 4 Escape rooms. 
All our rooms were constructed with a strickt focus on state-of-the-art technologies, automation and advanced solutions in design, in combination with professional approach to branding and high recognition value.  
There are 4 Escape rooms in Karlsruhe, which can possibly generate up to 80 000 EUR monthly sales capacity.  
From the time of the foundation the company has been permanently showing a two-digit growth in sales, standing development of brand awareness and occupying a dominating position in the region.
Entryin own name
Legal formGmbH
Staffto 10 coworkers
Turnover classto 250 thousand Euro
Year of establishment2015
Landed property / real estatesNo
Investment volume €(EUR)VHB 250.000

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