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Offer Corporate participation, firm participation

Seminar house

Business partner, investor and / or buyer for one-time construction and marketing project in the state of Salzburg.

Why is:

For the structural completion of a generous renovation and restructuring of a historic mountain farm complex from 1584 in a dreamlike solitude in the SalzburgerLand, project Arcadia Alpina, Think tank alpin and seminar house, a serious and also if possible matching partner (private investor, Stiller or active participant, etc.).

The target variants:

After completion of the construction within one year, the Immoblie could then be either partially or completely sold or the creation of a ThinkTank Alpin for the concrete realization and implementation of innovative ideas, products and methods of our time. In addition to free seminars and lectures at a high level and different current levels, continuing education and training for companies in a small circle of decision-makers (7-12 persons) could be offered exclusively and be marketed in a sustainable manner. In certain and particularly appropriate seasons (July, August, December, January, February), there is also the possibility to offer the restructured Berghofensemble alternatively also as an outstanding tourism domicile for a new kind of recreation from spirit and nature. The need for Denkhof as well as Niveautourismus would already exist today and in the future tend to be even increasing in the future. (In this alpine dreamland of the Salzburger Sonnenterrasse, up to 85% occupancy is reached for similar domiciles for the year). The linking of high - quality tourism, a relaxed stay in alpine nature with a panorama, a vision of far - away prospects, insight - and interdisciplinary and visionary education is increasingly becoming a central theme for the present and especially for the near future, according to the latest research and forecasts. Learning and learning become a life-supporting process, the more vivid and innovative the approach is all the more effective. Holidays, on the other hand, remain classic relaxation, but are enriched by completely new perspectives and possibilities of a mental nature.

The facts:

According to the present valuation, the current portfolio value of the property is slightly higher than € 1.2 million (expert opinions). After the tedious permission of the two adjoining buildings in a solitary location at 1100m altitude and adjacent to a landscape conservation area a small miracle, we are between 1.6 and 1.8 million € from the current total value. A further € 1.1 million is required for the construction of all three buildings. As a hedge in the case of a partnership investment, a notarial deposit (notarially deposited or handed over) or a land register entry can be offered on the first rank.
Over time, yield and other conditions should be negotiated jointly with a potential partner for the variant Think tank alpin. In addition to the material profit, this cultural and historical component of this unique historical and modern project is an ideal and lasting value creation of a special kind for every investor as a partner The ideal value of a project is becoming increasingly important for many responsible private investors. Material profit is important, without any doubt, but it is by no means all too much, as one can see more and more on all levels at the latest since the financial crisis.
The searcher here is hitherto sole owner, planner and construction manager in one person (project developer). All trades are carried out in cooperation with an architect and corresponding regional and supranational specialist companies. After completion of the building, this is a truly unique building complex with a very high aesthetic and functional level. On the one hand historical aura connected with on the other modern modern house technology on all technical levels. The property should work as energy-efficient as possible after its completion and ultimately generate more energy at this altitude than consume it.

If you are curious and feel concerned, we would be pleased to receive an early and of course non-binding contact. All essential documents such as business plan, value appraisals, authorizations of the I.Bauinstanz, utilization concept. Plans, pictures etc. are available and can of course be transferred immediately. If you decide to cooperate in a timely manner, you are already sure that the project Denkhof will enrich you on several levels, materially as ideally, objectively as humanly.

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