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The insertation Waste-water clearing technology

"Offer technology transfer in the area of wastewater purification (know-how / IP rights) for use through licenses or the sale of a patent. The physical technology substituted classical, biological process methods us is universally applicable in many areas of the industrial, municipal sewage purification. Apllications are for example: - Micro pollutants (municipal wastewater) and substitutional O3 / PAC - Micro-plastic - ion-selective depletion in wastewater (Cl-; SO4--; NO2 / NO3; NH-N u.a. - Coffee extraction press water / waste water - Automotive Industry - Pressure Washer Wastewater / Removal of Glycols - Dairy wastewater - Cosmetic industrial wastewater - refinery wastewater - H2 technology for the generation of electrical energy / fuel cell A proof of concept is available for all applications and the functionality is guaranteed even with the installation and commissioning...."

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