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2005-06 Biz-Trade
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ID: 20527

Other industries -> Offer Franchise, license

SectorOther industries
MotiveOffer Franchise
Region79 /  Flag Germany

Waste-water clearing technology

Consulting Umwelt / Abwasserklärung
Offer technology transfer in the area of wastewater purification (know-how / IP rights) for use through licenses or the sale of a patent. The physical technology substituted classical, biological process methods us is universally applicable in many areas of the industrial, municipal sewage purification. 
Apllications are for example: 
- Micro pollutants (municipal wastewater) and substitutional O3 / PAC 
- Micro-plastic 
- ion-selective depletion in wastewater (Cl-; SO4--; NO2 / NO3; NH-N u.a. 
- Coffee extraction press water / waste water 
- Automotive Industry - Pressure Washer Wastewater / Removal of Glycols 
- Dairy wastewater 
- Cosmetic industrial wastewater 
- refinery wastewater 
- H2 technology for the generation of electrical energy / fuel cell 
A proof of concept is available for all applications and the functionality is guaranteed even with the installation and commissioning.
Entryin own name
Legal formEinzelfirma, GbR
Staffto 10 coworkers
Turnover classto 250 thousand Euro
Year of establishment2013
Landed property / real estatesNo
Investment volume €(EUR)-

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