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Medical device manufacturer

The company, based in Switzerland, develops innovative orthoses and manufactures them in Eastern Europe. The company sells their products to 12 countries through distributors. Germany accounts for around 10% of the business.

The product concept allows - in contrast to other products on the market - a complete immobilization of the treated body parts, similar to casts, but without the disadvantages of casts. This allows a therapy by exclusively nocturnal wearing of the orthoses, and thus an increased comfort of the patients during the day. In addition, the company is globally the only one to offer orthoses for the treatment of rib fractures / bruises. The company thus offers a clear unique selling proposition and great growth potential.
The products are patent protected globally and have the CE mark.
For reasons of age, the company owner separates from his company, and would like to give the company in other hands.

Moreover, the company is very profitable and professionally managed.

Health & Medicine
82 /  Flag Switzerland
on behalf
10 to 20 employees
1 to 5 Mio. Euro