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Patented Rotary Channel Pump

Patentierte Drehkanalpumpe
The development relates to a rotatably mounted rotary channel pump, with which water and air components are absorbed via a rotating channel, which is stored on a rotatable axis with holding devices. The installation of the Rotary channel pump can be carried out in a container, shaft structure or a water body.


The print medium (pressure water and compressed gas) is directed to a pressure turbine for energy production. Hydrokompressoren can be fed to the separation of pressurized water and compressed gas. A Hydropetoranschluss is possible.

Pump technology:
The pump technology can be installed in all kinds of sewage systems such as rain pools, pumping stations, shafts etc. In the fresh water sector, the application is used for the drainage of deep-lying areas, irrigation plants, water vehicles etc.

Ventilation technology:
With this pump technology, resuscitation basins in sewage plants, fish pond plants, Ventilation, etc.

The rotating channel dips in a water tank according to the specified immersion depth and thus absorbs a limited amount of water and air.

Due to gravity, the water remains in the lower part of the rotary channel and moves with the rotation of the rotary channel to the outlet area. By constantly turning the rotary channel pump, a pressure is built up in the rotating channel, which overcomes an existing counter-pressure. Here, the ground-side pressure of the first water column compresses the upstream air, which now pushes onto the head area of the second water column.

This overpressure on the head area of the second water column increases the ground-side printing of the third water column, etc., which increases the pressure of the air and water in the subsequent section of the Tube spiral.

The water columns add up, which continues until the counter pressure in the pressurized tube is overcome. Only a small amount of force is required to rotate the pipe spiral, as only friction resistors have to be overcome. For this energy effort to generate the rotary movement, the Flow energy of watercourses is usually sufficient. Only with standing containers is a drive required. The input energy of the actuator can be generated with hydro power, solar technology, wind power or power supply.

The Rotary channel pump supplies compressed air and pressurized water as a medium.

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