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Microdot Techology

Microdot Technology
Participation: DNA microdot spray as a property mark for theft protection Business model: The UE region-based high-tech manufacturer of Microdots in spray is looking for a strategic partner to help further grow and enter new markets around the world. Each Microdot carries unique identification that is registered with the owner but is invisible to the naked eye. With the Microdot spray can mark any material: cars, boats, motors, bicycles, stereos, jewelry, pictures, mobile phones, solar panels, cables, wires, cable reels, .... So marked items are no longer interesting for thieves - it would be too risky to be caught with them. In addition, the value of their stolen goods would fall significantly, because even dubious middlemen and professional stealers would take a higher risk. When metals marked with "artificial DNA" are irradiated with UV light, they begin to glow. It supplies industry, individuals, insurance companies, hotels, galleries, car dealers, .. A further expansion of international sales is planned. The ideal partner brings growth capital in addition to its network and has similar contacts. However, this is not a requirement for participation. Nationwide, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Canada, China, ...

Industry & Production
to 10 employees
1 to 5 Mio. Euro