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The insertation Fireplate manufactoring

"Fireplate manufacturing for the construction industry We are looking for the purchase and operation of a Dämmplattenherstellung an investor with 2 million investment for 30% in the newly founded GmbH is involved. Details to the plant: The system was designed to produce mineral-bonded fire protection boards. The basis for this is a water-based formula. That is why silos and a large-volume mortar mixer with automatic material supply / mixing are currently available. Both can be replaced or extended by other / alternative dosing techniques. The area of mineral fire protection boards is currently to be sold to an investor. The investor has the opportunity to take over deals through an asset and acquire the technology, the production facility and the building. Construction year 2013/14 Base area production plant ▪ approx. 800 m2 Sheetware ▪ max. 3050 x 1350 mm / max. Plate thickness 50 mm Essential components ▪ automated process technology, automated material feed / feed ▪ automated circulating air drying (max 80 ° C) ▪ 180 individually controllable drawer boxes ▪ automated disk transport ▪ automatic double belt sander with integrated extraction system. Sanding dust is collected and can be returned to the mixing unit = "zero waste production" ▪ Automatic trimming of the plate material by means of a CNC-controlled large-format saw ▪ manual palletizing with vacuum lifter As new production plant (1 year operating period). Efficient, automatic system in the wet process suitable for 1-, 2 or 3-shift operation. The capacity for a one-shift operation is approx. 80,000 - 100,000 m² at 18 mm plate thickness. Innovative product with the following technical advantages: Low product weight, easy handling and processing capability - to work with woodworking machines. The panels can be certified as acoustic elements or with a closed surface with decorative coatings as a composite element according to the fire class A2 DIN EN 13501/1. The fire protection board can be used in various application situations and sectors in building construction as well as in shipbuilding. Different fire protection tests are available or must be updated. Corresponding know-how available, thus fast certification possible. Process technology using the example of the fire protection panel First, the individual, moved by a belt conveyor molds, a glass mat as a material support automatically fed and cut to length. The mold then moves on to the feeding station of the mortar mixer. The mortar mixer is automatically charged with silo or IBC containers according to the recipe with the raw materials. About an order unit then the forms (gratings) are filled. Regardless of the water content or other recipe-relevant parameters, the molds can be directly fed to the drying process - continuous production process. After drying in the drawer, the raw slabs are automatically demolded and fed to the double belt sander, which generates the board thickness according to the specifications and ensures a flat surface. The empty molds automatically move back to the starting point of the system and are refilled = cycle system. In the current process, the plates are automatically fed to the subsequent, CNC-controlled large-format saw and trimmed to measure according to their pre-determined component sizes. Subsequently, the plates are manually stored on corresponding pallets by means of vacuum lifters and supplied cleanly packaged for shipping. The complete plant is bought, as well as the first raw materials. The hall is rented. The system can be put into operation at short notice. Completely with the start-up costs 2. million euro are needed. The operation of the plant is taken over by an ing, office, which is active for decades in the construction industry. Thus, the raw material suppliers and employees are available at short notice. First customers are already waiting for the production of fire protection panels. According to the current profitability calculation, DB 2 can generate approx. 1.2 million from a one-shift operation with an 80% capacity utilization. A 3-shift operation is possible and will be implemented accordingly. We appreciate your interest and you can contact us offer biz-trade...."

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