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Biobinder forconstraction industry

Biobindemittel für die Baustoffindustrie
The concept follows a completely new approach to the implementation of a new method of permanently bonding organic and inorganic particles with a cement-lime-free technique to produce building materials from residues (e.g., plant residues or stone particles).
The developers have developed a process for the production of a binder as well as glue which can completely dispense with cement and / or lime and has the same characteristic values as from the known binder techniques. For this purpose, a historical formulation based on other inorganic substances was modified and supplemented by biologically based polymers. This new development shows a significant adhesive / bonding adhesion of such strength that new building materials such as stone slabs or casting compounds can now be produced from biological and structural residues. The further innovation is that the raw materials for the new binder / glue variety are available everywhere as a raw material at a reasonable price. The cured product variants on the basis of organic raw materials show properties from non-flammable to non-flammable and thus show an enormous market potential.
Scientific documentation of the entire spectrum of effects due to differentiated formulations.
We are searching for Licence Partners worldwide, the best tehy should be from the construction side rawmaterial market.

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