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Oil breakdown concept

We are looking for our unique oil reduction concept cooperation partners who help us with the company structure.

Oil spills and oil spills are part of our everyday lives. They destroy nature with their plants and animals. Not without reason they are called environmental disasters.

Oils differ in many subgroups such as heavy oil, normal oil, light oil, diesel oil, gasoline, Leichtben-zin and many more types.
We developed a market-driven, simple and inexpensive technology that breaks the bonds of the hydrocarbon molecules with a biologically active active solution, making the oil more easily soluble and thus processable. The interference of the active solution in the oil is made in proportion to the degree of loading of the delivered material. In particular, composting processes follow until a substrate is formed in which there is no longer any oil pollution.

With the use of our biologically active active solution and the subsequent composting, we pursue the goal (and accomplish) of bringing the process of injury into a process of regeneration.
You have to z. As floors or beaches no longer large and deep replace, but removes the oil, and then processed the remains suburb to normal and clean soils and beaches. Our technology thus releases the user and others. methods of expensive leaching and burning of the poisoned soil.
Der natürliche Abbau von Öl (alle Arten von Alkanen, Phenolen, polyzyklische Kohlen –Wasserstoffverbin-dungen usw), wird mit unserer Wirklösung nicht nur unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen angewandt, son-dern ist technologisch an strenge Regeln gebunden.

Die erste und wichtigste Voraussetzung für den Abbau schwer löslicher und damit immobiler Substanzen ist Zeit!

Wir haben unsere Technologie soweit ausgerichtet, dass sie überschaubar schnell die zähen Öl-Verbindun-gen aufbricht und verarbeitet.
The most important organic substances that we want to eliminate from the soil or water are alkanes, cyclic hydrocarbons, benzenes, aromatics (BTEX), PAHs, halogenated hydrocarbons, PCBs, chlorophenols, CFCs, pesticides, dioxins, furans. ..

Our oil remediation concept is mainly concerned with ring-shaped hydrocarbons, ie benzenes, aromatics, PAHs, etc.

Scientific findings and test results, e.g. of the University of Applied Sciences (Augsburg ....) speak our practical results and experiences.
We not only condition our active solution, but also our soil substrates in compost. This process becomes more and more regulated the more it is repeated, that is, the longer the systems are in use, the more effectively they function.

Application areas:
Seas and open waters; standing or closed waters;
Beaches and beach sections;
Agricultural and forestry sites;
Industrial sites and associated sites;
Municipal locations and places;
Army sites;
Oil spills in traffic, especially in accidents, operations of the fire department
and much more.

Residues of oil that are accidentally released into our environment through accidents, catastrophes or other calamities, if treated properly, can be converted into a variety of usable "energy reserves" and will not destroy our livelihoods.

Essentially, our life is based on a petroleum (carbon) base, such. Artificial fertilizer, or fuel for motor vehicles and heaters, to cosmetics and much more.

Therefore, it is an honorable duty and also easy to accomplish, that we "collect the run out of the overturned oil barrel into the open again" and process to what would otherwise be made expensive by renewed fabric and production use.
This also closes a smart circle of resource usage and application.

We should start doing it right away and look forward to your support!

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