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Biological crop protection

Biologischer Pflanzenschutz
The unique, patent pending concept takes a completely new approach to the implementation of physical agents / materials in the field of plant strengthening and crop protection. This concept, which was developed after many years, was accompanied by various bachelor and master theses by a well - known European university and confirmed its functionality in the field of action for fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. Currently the following topics have to be taken very seriously: - Worldwide dramatic decline in soil fertility due to increase in toxicological substances. - The disappearance of carbon structures as a nutrient humus and perennial basis in agricultural soils. - over-fertilization and salinisation by massive use of mineral fertilizers. - Release of uranium by phosphate fertilization. - Oxygen depletion by phosphates and nitrates in rivers, lakes and oceans with algae growth and fish death as a result of release. - Water scarcity through devastation. - Risk of worldwide famine by undersupply of nutrient-rich soils. The soil is the basis of gardening and agriculture. The global supply of people with sufficient food also requires the need to protect crops through appropriate and sustainable system. These include, in particular, plant strengthening and crop protection. This is precisely where our concepts are used in a wide variety of problem areas and can solve these issues listed above cost-effectively worldwide. The entire field of crop protection / plant strengthening as well as world nutrition and soil fertility is one of the most important future tasks of humanity. Only the presence of nutrient-rich soil ensures a peaceful coexistence of all peoples. The scarcity of resources forces a rethinking towards sustainable management in the whole area of ​​gardening and agriculture. Due to the extremely increasing plant diseases, pests, climate change, there is a great need for action and development. According to leading soil scientists and experts, otherwise hunger catastrophes of global proportions are threatening. There is no cut-throat competition as the product is an add-on for the licensee product range. This possibility and the associated integration of the described concept into the existing own product range creates for the customer a decisive improvement of his future market position. PRODUCTION The formulations are produced in industry-standard production processes. The production does not require special locations. We appreciate your interest in adopting this unique concept in one of the most profitable markets in the world.

Industry & Production
10 to 20 employees
5 to 10 Mio. Euro

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