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Environmentally sound sewage sludge management

Umweltgerechtes Klärschlammmanagement
We offer you a procedure for the innovative treatment of liquid and solid feces of human and animal origin their specific conversion into an organic substrate as a nutrient and Dauerhumuslieferant or as a raw material supplier for building materials.


Exposure to antibiotics
E coli pathogens
Clostridium botulinum

The processing of the sewage sludge and feces takes place in 3 steps and can be operated as a site.
The process is cost-effective and can be implemented worldwide at short notice. After various attempts with university accompaniment, the experiments are verified and have produced fantastic results.

Result example: From sewage sludge to humus soil

The compost has completely lost its typical sewage sludge smell after 65 days.
The initial amount has been reduced to half.
There are scattered small mushrooms.
The pH has dropped significantly from 11.3 to 7.7. The compost temperatures are 40 ° C.
The compost (now humus) has a typical smell of earth and a good structure.
The result is a good compost with a degree of rotting 5 after 60 days.
The heavy metal values ​​have been reduced in the short time.
For organic ingredients, the product is well below the permissible limits

If you are interested in buying this process, we look forward to hearing from you.

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