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Innovative storage technology

Neuartige Speichertechnik
We represent a technology company based in Germany who have been developing various techniques in the field of electric heating, electrical storage and thin film photovoltaics for several years. The first product, which is finished and is currently being delivered to the customers, is the printed, electric heating adapted to customer requirements. The heating is at least 30% and more effective than previous ones. Very thin (film thickness) and flexible. And the absolute hammer unbeatable in the price. The technology company can serve industrial customers in all areas where electrical heating is used. For example: wall, floor and ceiling heating, hob, seat heating, picture heating, plate heating .... Now the storage systems and PV systems for production are to be finished and capital is needed. Here they have already achieved very good results in tests and reach in memory technology by a 6-fold better result than the current market leader and also much cheaper. With the photovoltaic you are likewise with same achievement with a price of only 25% like the current market price. The investor is integrated into the parent company as a shareholder and thus he is involved in all business areas. More detailed information, the amount of required capital and the percentage of participation in the company, we give you in a personal conversation, with proof of a corresponding proof of capital and a subscribed GHV. We look forward to your interest and therefore to a message from you!

Energy & Environment
10 to 20 employees
5 to 10 Mio. Euro