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Organic emulsion paint

Bio Dispersionsfarbe
As one of the very few manufacturers, we have succeeded in developing a dispersion paint without the usual admixture of acrylic resin or styrene acrylates. Nevertheless, in order to be able to develop a character of dispersion, in recent years our focus has been on the formulation of a suitable plant-based polymer, so that the advantages in the form of a dispersion can continue to be used.

- contains no acrylates (petroleum-based and styrene acrylates)
- contains no solvents
- contains no plasticizers
- contains no preservatives

- 100% pure natural raw materials
- controlled and declared raw materials and raw material extraction
- natural and renewable resources
- very good eco-cycle balance (gradle to greave)

If you are interested in a license or a technical takeover of the recipe, please contact us and get all the information.

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