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Metallverarbeitung, Herstellung von Traktoren

Dear Sirs
We are pleased to invite investors to purchase our company. We are a manufacturer of agricultural and forestry tractors. We build our vehicles under the brand name xyz based on the newest technical solutions in the world. Our machines are constructed from Western subassemblies of the xyz or xyz brand. We have advanced technological facilities together with the machine park, where we produce a number of components for the production of our products. xyz Company manufactures 300 various products including many versions of heavy tractors. The products of the xyz brand are distinguished by high quality, reliability, durability and compatibility with the market standards.
Main products of the company:
Agricultural tractors Orion from 136 to 285 HP; forest tractors; road – rail vehicle.

Production capacity of CT***:
 Assembly of subassemblies
 Casting of polymers
 Creating laminates (hand lamination and spraying lamination)
 Sandblasting and shot blasting
 Varnishing
 ABS vacuum thermoforming
 ABS processing
 Making moulds and composite models
 Crimping of hydraulic hoses
 Creating hydraulic systems
 Creating pneumatic systems
 Creating electrical systems
 Construction of wiring harness
 Construction of cabs for agricultural tractors
 Engineering measuring
 Engineering design
 Creating engineering documentation
 Creating FEM durability analyses
 PTO diagnosis
 Diagnosis and service of subassemblies from ZF F****
 Diagnosis and service of AP*** subassemblies
 Diagnosis and service of C*** subassemblies, D*** subassemblies
 Distribution of spare parts by leading manufacturers of parts for tractors and agricultural machinery
 Cutting material on band saws Max Ø 225
 CNC Turning of wheels and shafts
 CNC Milling
 Cutting teeth on wheels and shafts (gears treatment) *the module = from 1,5˚ to 45˚+
 Hardening with carburizing
 Induction hardening
 Tempering
 Surface grinding
 Centred grinding and centreless grinding
 Cylindrical grinding of teeth *m = 2,5˚ to 4,5˚+
 Stamping
 Slotting
 Towing
 Threading
 Piercing
 Balancing of discs
 Locksmith processing
 MIG TIG MAG welding
 CNC bending of sheets
 CNC bending of tubes and profiles
 Laser cutting
 Water jet cutting

Area: 7000 m2 of production halls and warehouses. Possibility of obtaining high funding for research and development carried out by our company.

Industry & Production
98 /  Flag Poland
in own name
Private company
10 to 20 employees
250 thousand to 1 Mio. Euro

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