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Offer Commercial property, commercial object

Restaurant & Hotel

Restaurant & Hotel
Since our managing director can not continue the business for health reasons, we are looking for a successor and sell our restaurant. The restaurant was completely renovated in . The restaurant stands on a 2.500qm large property and has a 130qm large garage / warehouse, which can be used with the van to unload and recharge. The restaurant itself is very luxurious and can accommodate up to 130 guests. All components of the restaurant were renewed in and purchased as new. The restaurant has a specially crafted 2.30m long charcoal grill, a gas oven specially ordered for pizzas from Italy. In addition, the restaurant has its own butchery and a large refrigerator, a large and well-equipped kitchen. In addition, the restaurant has a smoking room. As already described everything was renewed and it does not have to be renovated or bought (machines etc.l be. Above the restaurant we have a pension / restaurant all rooms together give a floor space of 140sqm and are always fully booked. We also have a terrace that is 100sqm in size. The restaurant can be viewed on Google Earth via Google Street View.

In summary, we can say that everything is checked and approved in the restaurant and the buyer does not have to invest any money in the restaurant afterwards.

Gastronomy & Hotel
35 /  Flag Germany
in own name
to 10 employees
to 250 thousand Euro

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