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Online shop brand & listed food startup (baked goods and non-food) is looking for takeover, succession, participation

Due to the we can record an order intake of more than 1000% daily, unfortunately we can no longer handle these quantities and are looking for short-term support!

For our food e-shop startup with an exclusive listing in the online shop of a well-known retailer, we are looking for a acquirer or investment with a strategic component.

The classic way of baked goods and baking accessories is the traditional sale in sales branches and shops, but customer behavior is changing massively and so it is possible to open up new sales channels and completely new customer groups, as well as to inspire traditional customers with new services and to conquer new sales fields .

Corporate vision
Our corporate vision is nothing more than the digital revolution of the baked goods world, combined with the best enjoyment. What has proven particularly successful today!

Corporate culture
Our goal is the distribution and production of sustainable, trend-conscious and modern baked goods, under the unification of resource-saving, but innovative and creative reinvention of the products.
Connected in an innovative tech startup with its own online shop and various proprietary marketplace connections and shop plug-ins.

Business and sales model
The company (registered word and figurative mark) is a full range online platform for the food sector especially for baked goods and baking accessories. The company is organic certified and the exclusive partner for baked goods in the online shop of a well-known retailer. The exclusive products are also sold on their own platform, as well as Amazon and eBay. There are also B2B supply relationships with food trucks, restaurants, etc. for burgers and other products. In addition, the company has an exclusive edition of baking mixes that have been specially developed for the food retail sector.

Strategy & potential
The food online market is one of the markets with the greatest growth potential in e-commerce with 1.4 billion and an annual growth rate of over 20% (see Statista ) and an overall e-commerce share of approx. 2.5%. The baked goods sector is underrepresented and the growth opportunities are much greater.

The demand for a comfortable and healthy diet increases in all age groups, the age groups of 65+, who particularly appreciate the service of delivery to the front door, and the trend-conscious young to middle-aged target group with clear nutritional views are particularly representative.

The company serves all target groups via its own platform and the various marketplaces and sets itself every new trend in order to always be future-oriented and to achieve the highest possible market coverage.

In the medium and long term, the company should become the platform for the online distribution of baked goods in Germany and reach all target groups.

Synergy effects
By combining a "classic" bakery with the "Online Shop" sales channel, which has a significantly lower cost structure, a relatively higher output in connection with no fresh goods returns and a production tailored to the sales, there are considerable synergy effects. This is particularly important in an increasingly competitive market. A combined Click & Collect system (buy online and collect from the store) can also be used to develop another decisive market advantage.

Milestones & successes
- Top level domain in the field of food and baked goods
- Listings throughout Germany in the online shop of a well-known retailer / exclusive partner for baked goods
- Certified organic
- Special B2B platform and sales channels
- Amazon and eBay connection
- Baking mixes especially for food retailers in the list
- Products (colored burgers) are known from the VOX show "Rampensau"

Why invest
- Novel distribution channel with very large market potential
- Proof-of-Market: Listing in the online shop of a well-known retailer across Germany
- Significant untapped market potential
- Experienced and specialized founding team
- Established, ultra-modern and integrated platform
- Exclusive products
- 100% equity financed
- Location independent

Social structure
- UG (limited liability) (founded in )

20 /  Flag Germany
in own name
to 10 employees
1 to 5 Mio. Euro

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