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Offer Franchise, license

Textile cleaning

Business partner wanted for textile cleaning is particularly suitable for start-ups.

Innovative and turnkey shop and success concept
We are looking for license partners nationwide for an innovative and turnkey business concept. As it is unique in the market and fully meets the customer needs of the 21st century, it offers great potential for success.
As our business partner and textile cleaning owner, you offer your private and (small) commercial customers perfect cleaning quality, comprehensive services and the immediate cleaning of their garments. ("Brought today, done tomorrow")
Both the purchase and construction of a completely new textile cleaning business as well as the takeover and the corresponding conversion of existing cleaning systems is possible.

No prior knowledge required Do you have no experience in textile cleaning yet? No problem.

70 /  Flag Germany
on behalf
to 10 employees
to 250 thousand Euro
ca. 120.000

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