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Offer Liquidation, Operating dissolution

Sun studio solarium

Here you will find the list of my former sun studio with various pictures. The inventory including tanning beds is for sale. If you're interested in something, don't hesitate and write to me. The devices were expertly dismantled and stored on pallets.

You can take a pre-visit to the camp beforehand.

Solar studio inventory strong power with equipment including circuit proof elements, control cabinet, cables and accessories.

Strong power direction distribution on 6 cabins including switchbox, cable, cable channel & accessories lighting and socket direction for the cabins, the counter, including cable, cable channel & accessories music system or room sound, 1 amplifier, 1 music devices, 8 loudspeakers , cable, cable channel and accessories lighting box with lighting system for night lighting including control time clock, brightness meter, cable and accessories.


Leisure & Wellness
36 /  Flag Germany
on behalf
9.500 Netto

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