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2005-06 Biz-Trade
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ID: 20294

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MotiveOffer Business sales
Region20 /  Flag Germany

Trade of e-cigarettes and e-liquids

Handel von e-Zigaretten und e-Liquids
The company was founded in April 2014 as a corporation with the purpose of offering e-cigarettes and e-liquids in online retail and retail. The company has established itself with its own brand in the market and grows annually by 20-40% and generates profits. The annual turnover in 2017 amounts to 140 kEUR with a profit of approximately 40,000 EUR. Today, the company has approximately 3,000 registered customers and 72 Edeka stores offering e-liquids and e-cigarettes of its own brand. 
The company today employs a $ 450 mini-job force and a sales representative in the Midi job. Mainly the business is run by the three partners who do this as a sideline. 
The company is expected to be sold as the company has now reached a size that needs to be managed by a full time employee. 
The stock worth around € 36,000 (purchase price valuation) is included in the sale price.
Entryin own name
Legal formUG
Staffto 10 coworkers
Turnover classto 250 thousand Euro
Year of establishment2014
Landed property / real estatesNo
Investment volume €(EUR)120.000

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