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Our client, a medium-sized branch bakery with more than 30 bakeries, wants to expand into Central Germany.
In the course of this, the aim is now to buy more store bakeries.
The successful company is regionally rooted and attaches importance to tradition and quality as well as an employee-friendly working environment. This is supported by many years of experience in the industry and experienced employees.
The client is looking for a branch bakery based in Central Germany with at least 15 stores that will successfully implement these values. There should be a certain degree of regional awareness and a healthy mix of sales outlets and cafes.
The accompaniment of the/of the Old Shareholders is desired depending on the situation and an immediate takeover is possible.

The purchase parameters are: Bakery with café and sales store sales
€1 million to €20 million Region Central Germany Purchase price €1 million to €10 million

35 /  Flag Germany
on behalf
to 10 employees
1 to 5 Mio. Euro