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Brewing Fashion

Find a Loan who wants to help me with my Business Idea? Bridal Fashion Shop with integrated Hairdresser Wedding dresses from German Sales with shorter Delivery Time of 3-4 Months (otherwise at least 6 Months to 8
Months), in addition, the Wedding Dresses are adapted to the Mass of the Customer, so that no additional
Change costs usually apply to them.

In addition, Hairdressing services such as High-plug Hairstyles and Make-up for the Bride, these can also be offered mobile for
The Day of the Wedding and drive to the Bride's Home to relieve her some Stress Beforehand. In Business
The whole Hairdressing services are offered to the Customer Base themselves.

I will also create an Online Scheduler, so that the Customers in The Hairdressing area are also outside the
Business Hours Hairdressing Appointments can be booked, also available in the Bridal Area then.

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