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E-scooters, scooters, e-bikes, delivery scooters, accessories, spare parts

Ladies and gentlemen We are an established company (trading in scooters, e-scooters, delivery scooters, e-bikes including Zubeh ö hr and spare parts).
In order to achieve ä rhence our existing market position and to ö the impact of the existing market potential in Switzerland, we are looking for a strategic partner with operational expertise ä, with which a strong cooperation and cooperation to achieve a Win-win situation for ü both sides are to be realized.
We turn to individual companies and companies that are also interested in a long-term orientation and strategy. An all-ä llige participation in our company are possible ö or not excluded.

Thank you and love Gr ü sse

44 /  Flag Switzerland
in own name
to 10 employees

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