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Offer Innovation, Invention & Development

Medical Technology-Medicine

Disctible rights for medical treatment method & home unit (physical and mental re-activation)
1. To surrender exclusive rights with technical know-how for a medical treatment procedure. It has been continuously developed for more than 20 years and has been successfully used over many years, especially abroad, for the treatment of circulatory disorders. The target group is about 8 million people in Germany alone with PAVK (circulatory disorders)

A. Patients lie on a lounger. EKG-triggered a sound over the soles of the feet is felt, whereby the sound is computer-controlled in terms of intensity and joyness depending on the individual body data.

B. Very good treatment success. In diabetics, amputation can be significantly prevented; Wound healing possible. Open legs heal. Shovel disease can be treated well (running widers possible) erectile dysfunction well treatable etc.


Industry & Production
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to 10 employees
to 250 thousand Euro
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