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Holiday House Rental Sylt

We offer a Financial Stake in a new, lucrative Holiday home Website for Sylt with generic top domain. In order to Set up this Website, we are looking for capital amounting to €25,000 in the Form of an Atypically silent Participation. After the planning and Investment phase has been completed, the Portal will be set up with a Team of experienced SEO experts, Copywriters, Layouters and Database Specialists within a maximum of 4 Months. The Profits are generated from Booking Commissions. In addition, the new Website is the suitable Advertising Space for Companies with any Connection to the Island of Sylt. They have no Obligations whatsoever in the operational Business. We take care of the complete technical, commercial and organisational Support and the continuous Development of the Portal. We will pay out 80% of the annual Proceeds twice a Year and use the remaining 20% to continuously Expand the Site.

Leisure & Wellness
to 10 employees
250 thousand to 1 Mio. Euro

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