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Mechanical engineering for semiconductor technology

-Future and growth sector semiconductors in the field of micro-and nanotechnology
-Leading know-how from more than 25 years of experience
-Unique technologies
-Low manufacturing costs due to the developed modular system
-Total output after the second year of just under EUR 2 million
-TOP references from aerospace
-Order backlog of EUR 1,737 PLUS pledged-orders of EUR 315 = EUR 5,052
-Above-average earning power – EUR 1,086 in 2021
-Contacts with more than 100 potential customers with a revenue potential of more than EUR 30 million
-Slim corporate structure and low fixed costs
-Established distribution network in key sales countries

Industry & Production
78 /  Flag Germany
on behalf
20 to 50 employees
1 to 5 Mio. Euro