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Online commerce

Our online retail division is for sale, which we unfortunately have to give up for strategic reasons. Currently, between 2000 and 3000 orders are processed per month, which means that we will be able to exceed an expected annual turnover of over €250,000 this year.

It is sold on the eBay and Amazon marketplaces, with a profit margin of around €4,000 a month.

The sale includes the following:
- Stock of all goods (as of today: 14,030€)
- Top maintained eBay and Amazon accounts
- List of all suppliers where many more profitable items can be purchased (expansion potential, very valuable)
- If desired, a coaching where everything is transmitted to knowledge in order to operate the business model. (unaffordable)

For the basic tasks you should calculate with 4-5 hours daily, so that the shop continues to grow, it would be recommended to invest correspondingly more time.

58 /  Flag Germany
in own name
to 10 employees
250 thousand to 1 Mio. Euro