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Offer Innovation, Invention & Development

Holding system modular

Holding system for smartphones, navigation devices and other
for cars, trucks, etc.
For sale, innovative holding system for fastening and operating e.g. smartphones, navigation devices etc. in vehicles of all kinds.
Development and existing material value approx. 300,000,-- €
There are spray and foam moulds, construction drawings, raw and finished materials.
naming, packaging and prospectus material,
Storage shelf.
Space requirement approx. 30 sqm.
Due to company abandonment for reasons of age at a bargain price of 5,000,-- € net to sell.

Further development necessary for newer vehicles, for self-employment in main and part-time occupation, a real opportunity.

Industry & Production
86 /  Flag Germany
in own name
to 10 employees
to 250 thousand Euro
5.000,-- € netto

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