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Website for golfers

We offer a financial investment in a new shop for golfers. We have already secured one of the best domains for this area.

The offer of the new shop ranges from golf accessories, golf clubs, bags, golf trolly, golf clothing, golf shoes to golf balls and much more.

All orders go directly to the respective dealers and are processed by them. It is therefore not our fault that debt collection and the storage of goods are not ours. For this reason, we can offer countless high-quality products. All top brands in the golf sector are represented in the new shop.

To build this website, you will invest a one-time capital of €20,000. For this, you get a permanent, 50% project participation in the form of an atypically silent participation.

Experience has shown that these projects have been refinanced within 4 years. From this moment on, the website generates permanent passive income for you.

Leisure & Wellness
56 /  Flag Germany
in own name
to 10 employees
to 250 thousand Euro

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