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Offer Franchise, license

Debtor Advice

In this Way, we offer You the Opportunity to start your career or the Perspective for Change.

What Is the Task At stake?
-Debtor Advice in general
-Consultations Between Individuals and Companies
-Solution Creation depending on the financial Situation and Situation
-Help Up To the time of Filing For bankruptcy What we offer You:
-the Expansion of an independent Consulting Centre
-internal Training and the corresponding legal
Fringe Knowledge
-Continuing Education to keep You up To date
-working with our Lawyers and tax
Adviser What To bring:
-Expertise from commercial or accounting
Alternatively legal Area
-Basic Knowledge of at least 2 Years We appreciate your Interest and Your Enquiry with us ...

58 /  Flag Germany
in own name
10 to 20 employees
to 250 thousand Euro
2.500 €

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