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One-of-a-kind position of A-Z in a market niche-specifically: Comfort aid for women's bicycles On the situation: Due to the design, it is unwieldy to move women's bicycles over stairs (bicycle cellars, railway stations, etc.), so I have developed a solution for this as a hobby tinkier.

About the product:
-Weight: About 100g and fits almost in every bag
-simple handling-fixed in 2-3 seconds-and also removed again
-completely mobile, i.e. no permanent components on the wheel
-applicable to about 90% of all women's bikes (check on about bicycle parking)-but also applicable for men's bikes without the classic diamond frame
-According to own search at the Patent Office, intellectual property rights are feasible
-working prototype is available-unique
-Simple machine production with favorable use of materials Complete one-of-a-kind for market launch. Production could be taken over.

Provided interest, I ask for your bid proposal.

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40 /  Flag Germany
in own name
to 10 employees
to 250 thousand Euro

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