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Comfort travel pad

Komfort Reiseauflage
The patented comfort leg pad is ideal for travelers, whether they are traveling by train, plane or car, to be more relaxed during their journey.
The legs and feet are relieved.
Or for school-age children or in adult education, the function is that the student sits more relaxed and upright.

As an additional function, the two items (leg rests) can also be tied together again, so can be formed in overcrowded trains or crowded shelters from the two leg rests a seat.

This system is self-inflating and can be taken anywhere due to its low weight.

We are looking for a partnership with a company that works in this target group and wants to conquer the international market with us together.
Contacts to the production companies are available.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Leisure & Wellness
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