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SB washing boxes with hall

I plan a construction of SB washing boxes with vacuum cleaner.
In our small town there is only one portal washing system, which is exhausted and there is a waiting time of about 30 to 45 minutes. That's why many motorists are annoyed and stressed.

According to a provider of SB washing boxes, an SB washing box is worthwhile here.
We have 13,000 inhabitants and here in the countryside it is like that every household has 2 vehicles, in addition to classic cars, tuning enthusiasts as well as residential and caravan owners.

According to the ruler, it is possible that 15,000 washes a year are realistic. I see it slightly differently and reckon almost with 20,000 washes. (We have neighbors who come to us for shopping)

When calculating 15,000 vehicles a year, we come up with sales of washing and sucking of €70,800(variable cost have already deducted.)

Minus the fixed costs of depreciation and interest, we come to net 62.

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