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Look for Corporate financing, investor

Sports car rental

I am looking for a financially strong business partner, often as a silent partner, for a car rental in the luxury segment. At least €250,000 of capital should be invested in the company. I have a large network with the best contacts to lessors and banks. 2 vehicles (Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari 488 Spyder) will also be introduced. The capital is used to conclude leasing contracts for other high-quality vehicles.

The chance of return is extremely attractive. The leasing rates of the vehicles are recorded at 60% capacity utilization in a factor of 3.

I look forward to eninscriptions with full contact details. Please only report if you have equity.

Transportation & Logistics
14 /  Flag Germany
in own name
to 10 employees
1 to 5 Mio. Euro

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